Fire Hose Female Coupling

Product Name –  Fire Hose Female Coupling

Manufacturer –  Mollimax Fire Protection Industries Pvt. Ltd

Code & standard  –  IS:903

Size – 63MM

Material of Construction  – Copper Alloy (LTB Grade-2) /
Stainless Steel (Grade 304) /
Aluminum Alloy

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The delivery hose couplings are of instantaneous pattern, pull release type with ribbed tail and are manufactured to comply to IS: 903-1993 standards. The couplings are suitable for use at working pressure upto 14 bar The gender of a hose coupling is easy to determine by looking at its threads. Male coupling has threads on its outside and female coupling has threads on the inside  

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Additional information

Manufactured by

Mollimax Fire Protection Industries Pvt Ltd



Code & standard




Material of Construction

Copper Alloy (LTB Grade-2) /
Stainless Steel (Grade 304) /
Aluminum Alloy

Washer Used

Rubber as per IS:937

Spring Wire

Phospher Bronze Wire as per IS:7608 /
Stainless Steel

Cam tooth

Copper Alloy as per IS:318, LTB-II /Stainless Steel (Grade 304)


As per specification

Hydaulic Pressure Test

21 Kgf/cm2